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Hexipuff progress!  254 in.  This has been my project in the car so it’s slow going.


Hmmm hahaha ~Lisa


Hmmm hahaha ~Lisa

Spring is just weeks away

Wow! Haven’t gotten much knitting done tbh. I have my leg warmers at school with me but haven’t been able to get off the anxiety inducing track that is education at its finest.

As things stand though, the quarter is almost over and it’s almost spring. This quarter was challenging but i finally decided on a major. I’m in the Math for Teaching track. It’s something I wanted to do ever since I was a kid. To finally have the balls and commit after losing a sense of myself from leaving college for the first time I can gladly say I’m confident in myself and my abilities. And it’s gonna be totally awesome.

I’ve also been rediscovering myself through this process of finding myself. Just little things here and there that make me enjoy being myself just a little bit more everyday.

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Redditor’s wife knitted a beautiful star chart shawl.

this is the pattern i just reblogged the ravelry link to, except they apparently left out the yarnover eyelets, and i think i like it better.

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